Project: Resurrection

CV8 Long Block

CV8 Long Blocks can be configured as either a 4.0 or 4.6 and consist of the block, pistons, rods, crank, cam shaft, lifters, timing set and cylinder heads.  The engine can be configured for fitment into Range Rover Classic, Discovery I, Discovery II, P38 Range Rover, or Defender.  The engines do not include valve covers, oil pan or front cover.  If you plan on reusing your front cover, it will save you money but you need it carefully inspected and fitted with a new gear set.  We will inspect your cover at no additional charge if forwarded to us.  If it can be reused, we will fit with new gear set for $130, pre-lube, and ship it back with your engine.  Reference Discovery II, there are some issues with even new pumps missing internal parts, so careful inspection is encouraged even on a new.

SHIPPING:  The engine can be shipped to a business address in any of the lower 48 states for $150-$225 and we pay the freight charges associated with the return of your core.  If you are outside the continental US, we can provide you with several options including air freight or by sea.  We are a Delta Airlines verified shipper so any location Delta or Delta Partner has service to, we should be able to accomodate.  For service locations please visit Delta Cargo.

CORE RETURN:  In most cases, we will require your old engine back on exchange.  Like exchange also plays a factor in the price of your new engine purchase meaning if you have ordered a 4.6 engine, we would require a 4.6 in exchange or further charges would apply.  If you have questions about this please give us a call to discuss your situation.  We prefer to have picked up the engine core within 30 days of the new engine shipping, so let us know if this is going to be a challenge versus getting charged for it.  The basic core charge is $500 plus extra items that might have been required back with your old engine like oil pumps, cylinder heads, etc.

Part Numbers and Application

CV8-40LBB (4.0 Bosch long block for fitment in DII or late 99-02 Range Rover WITHOUT secondary air injection and level 2 cam kit)

CV8-46LBB(4.6 Bosch for same)

CV8-40LBB2 (4.0 Bosch long block for fitment in DII or late 99-02 Range Rover WITH secondary air injection and level 2 cam kit)

CV8-46LBB2 (4.6 Bosch for same)

CV8-40LBG (4.0 GEMS long block for fitment in 96-early 99 DI, 95-early 99 Range Rover or 97 D90)

CV8-46LBG (4.6 GEMS for same)

CV8-40LBD (4.0 Distributor configured short block for fitment in 94-95 DI, 93-95 D90/110/130 or Range Rover Classic)

CV8-46LBD (4.6 Distributor for same)

For a quote on a CV8 long block please visit our Contact page.

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