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Engine Warranty

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THE standard limited warranty for our Cannibal V8 hereby known as (CV8), whether Bare, Short & Long Block configuration engine is 18 months / unlimited miles to the original purchaser, limited to manufactured defects and applicable to the specified order. Cylinder heads remanufactured for the Long Block, covered under same. Owner’s original, reassembly engine parts, including, but not limited to intake, oil pump, thermostat, water pump, radiator, exhaust manifolds, gaskets, fuel injection, valve covers, oil pan, connecting bolts are NOT covered under this warranty.

FAILURE to perform or adhere to the following shall void this warranty: (i) recommended break in procedure followed, first oil & filter change must be done within first 200 miles and oil & filter changed once every 3,000 miles thereafter (please refer to Part 2 for the Engine Break-in Procedure). Synthetic oils should NOT be used for the first 6,000 miles. (ii) Evidence that the installed heat tabs have been tampered with or indicate the engine has overheated shall void this warranty. (iii) Flow-check the radiator and repair, rod, or replace if necessary. (iv) A rebuilt or new oil pump MUST be installed or the original cover must be inspected for damage/wear and new gear set installed factory (PLEASE keep your paperwork for compliance with this warranty provision). Running engine without having adequate oil pressure and improper pre-lube of the engine shall void this warranty. Improperly changing the oil shall void this warranty. Proper and Best installation procedures MUST be followed for optimal engine life and performance, especially during break-in.

The CV8 warranty covers normal on-road use only. If the vehicle into which this engine is installed is used primarily off-road or is ever raced, the warranty is voided, simply put. In that case, the only warranty made by CV8 is that the part will operate at the time of installation. Failures of parts due to improper installation (i.e. not in accordance with O.E.M. specifications), disassembly, misdiagnosis, accident, misuse, over-heating, flood, collision, or improper maintenance are not covered by this warranty.

AS YOUR SOLE AND EXCLUSIVE REMEDY FOR A VERIFIED WARRANTY CLAIM AS DESCRIBED ABOVE, CV8 WILL REPLACE ANY DEFECTIVE PART WITHOUT ADDITIONAL SHIPPING COST TO YOU OR PROVIDE ORIGINAL PURCHASER AN IN STORE CREDIT TO BE USED FOR FUTURE PURCHASES. CANNIBAL V8 SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR OTHER INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES, INCLUDING DAMAGE TO OR THE COST OF RELATED PARTS. If a warranty claim is to be made, you (customer) must call CV8 @ (#405.232.4225) for authorization prior to any major work commencing. If the engine or parts of the engine are being returned for inspection, authorization must be given prior to shipping. CV8 reserves all rights applicable to this warranty coverage. The engine core must be securely packed back in original crate or pallet and made accessible to CV8 for pickup by our carrier within 30 days of receiving the new engine or further charges will apply. This limited warranty is exclusive to the original purchaser of the engine or supplemental parts and is NOT transferable without prior written consent or approval.

LABOR costs associated with the engines install are NOT covered under this warranty unless purchaser has used CV8 or preferred network shop to perform the installation. If the purchaser has used such facility to perform the work and failure occurs during the term of this warranty, the purchaser must return the vehicle to said repair facility immediately for troubleshoot & diagnosis and for the cost of repair/replacement labor to be approved.

The purchaser agrees that all disputes related to any purchase and limited warranty offered by or through CV8 shall be determined thru mediation by a certified mediator in Oklahoma City or as otherwise agreed upon by both parties and the governing law in the State of Oklahoma.


I, the original purchaser, have read, agree and accept the above limited warranty terms, conditions and provisions specific to this purchase of an engine and other parts from Cannibal V8. This document constitutes the limited warranty, expressed or implied, applicable coverage and remedies in its entirety.

SIGNATURE:_________________________________ PRINTED NAME:________________________

DATE: _______________, 20___ INVOICE / ORDER #:___________ VEHICLE VIN:______________________________

VEHICLE MILEAGE @ TIME OF INSTALL:______________ ENGINE S/N:_____________________

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