Project: Resurrection

CV8 Trucks for Sale

Own a Cannibal V8 truck from the start.

Not every customer elects to repair their truck and because of this, we have certain opportunities to purchase them.  There is no better time to take up ownership than with a Cannibal V8 already installed.  Someone else has taken that hit which is unfortunate but it can be the lowest cost method of owning a Land Rover long term.  Aside from the engine transplant, our trucks are completely gone through and known issues addressed to ensure many more years of ownership and use.  Because of the sheer number of candidate trucks out there, a customer sometimes has the fortune of finding this truck on their own and has the CV8 installed.  Being educated about the problems and repairs is the best approach before buying and if you are patient, that project rig will show up and give you the room needed to address these issues.

For more information on our Cannibal V8 Trucks or you have a truck for sale, please visit our Contact page and submit your request.

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