Project: Resurrection


There are several manufactures of the Rover V8 sleeves in the world but none made a sleeve that included the design we had specified in both material content and process.  What we wanted was a high performance sleeve that would appear in race engines.  This meant much higher manufacturing cost which would put us out of range when it came to the cost of our engine build.  Our end product was not to be a high performance build but this was an area we knew could be beefed up on given the weaknesses in the current liner configuration and the block for which it was to be fitted in.  It would not change anything about configuration on the install side but would provide for a more durable build.

CV Liner

After much collaboration with our team at D&D Fabrications and others, the sleeves are now manufactured for us stateside and exceed the level of performance needed for our target applications, the daily driver and the extreme off-roader.  Exposure to and increased control of heat displacement along with the ability to maintain its integrity during our installation process were the benefits we had to have.  We experimented with installing others and the differences were immediately evident.

We currently do not offer our liners separate from our build.  There is just too much to cover with the machinist reference our process.  The other issue is that liner installation is only part of the battle when dealing with these blocks.  You still have to address the porosity issues or you will have water eventually making its way back in behind the liners.

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