Project: Resurrection

CV8 Cylinder Heads

Rover V8 heads are relatively a straight forward build but differ sometimes with what others will actually replace or check.  All of our heads are fitted with new valve springs & keepers, rocker shafts and valve stem seals.

Due to the profile of camshaft we use, valve stem height clearances are very important relative coil bind.  During the resurfacing process, varying layers of material have been removed or shaved to true up a head and this process is what changes up the math in final configuration, especially with stem height.  As these trucks get older, cylinder heads must be inspected closely as more and more are found to be minus the material needed to machine safely for reuse on a stock engine due to previous over machining.

The surface finish is equally important when mating the cylinder heads to the gasket and deck.  This is sometimes overlooked and can lead to problems in the future.

Lastly, the use of a performance stud kit or fasteners vs the factory torque to yield or stretch bolts is a must.  The stud kit provides for a clamping force vs pulling and allows for a more exacting torque to be applied.  This single process will protect against premature head gasket failures in the future and they are completely reusable should a head have to be serviced in the future.  It must also be noted that torquing the studs is a very sensitive process as following the bolt manufactures recommendations can land you in trouble.  It is this trial and error process that has allowed us to ratchet the design and build with the best components available even though they were thought to be out of reach for the Rover V8.

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