Project: Resurrection

CV8 Camshaft

CV8 Cam kit The Camshaft kit we have engineered is level 2 performance made here in the US and ground specifically for use in the Rover V8.  The cam has a much higher Rockwell than the stock Rover cam and addresses the weakness seen in P38 and DII’s relative to premature lobe and or lifter failure.  Our cam bearings are also US made vs the European manufacture which have been problematic in the later DII’s.

Lift is only slightly higher than that of the stock cam but provides the extra HP and torque (avg. 15%) experienced in the CV8 engines.  The timing set is machined of a hardened steel vs the pot metal set used by Rover and precision matched to each individual cam shaft at the time of their machining.

The camshaft kit is completely plug and play.  Reference GEMS and BOSCH applications, installation of a small shim is required ahead of the cam sensor to compensate for spacing needed between the sensor and gear.  

Both Bosch and GEMS engine management systems will readapt to take advantage of the new cam profile and no other ECU changes will be needed.  This happens much faster when adaptation is reset to factory specs by your technician.

Distributor application like DI, D90/110, and Classic have static eprom chips on the control board which means they can’t readapt on their own so they are fitted with a performance distributor and coil which is again US made.  There are also preprogrammed chips available from various vendors but no from us, designed to take further advantage of the CV8 configuration.

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