Project: Resurrection

CV8 Process

Our remanufacture facility occupies approximately 10,000 square feet of the Rover Cannibal facility and includes 2 installation bays.  Every aspect of the build is performed here.

The process starts with the core blocks and the disassembly station and ends with the final assembly and crating. Every component is carefully removed and checked for specific specs, cleaned, and sorted to a bin or shelf location awaiting the next process.  The floor space is laid out in a horse shoe configuration with machining and prep stations consisting of industrial washers, valve grinder, crank grinder, head resurfacer, block resurfacer, industrial oven, hot seal pot, boring bars, and final hone.

The major design, component and build process changes in the CV8 are made to the BLOCK, LINERS, CRANK, CAMSHAFT KIT, and CYLINDER HEADS.  That doesn’t leave much to spare as far as factory components go but we had to leave something to Rover’s credit and they did do some things right or, perhaps we should say Buick Team of engineers.

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